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Creating a life and career in the entertainment industry.

The entertainment industry has been a wild ride. Over the past 10 years, I've been of part of every side of the process.


I've performed on comedy stages. I've shot sketches. I've been in film and TV. I've performed in grungy bars. I've been a model. I've written shows. I've shot commercials. I've worked as a script reader. I've been in videos that have gone viral.

Here's a sample of the work that I've done while on this crazy, circuitous, non-linear entertainment path. 

There are no rules in the entertainment industry. There is no path. There's no degree. No certification, no assurance. Anyone can get a break at any time. Anyone who gets a break can lose it. Hard work, talent, and training don't mean anything in this business.

Welcome to the entertainment game.

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